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Here’s Your Chance to Support a Great Workshop

Folks, if you have a little spare dough this summer, a bunch of us–including me–are doing the annual Write-a-Thon to raise funds for the Clarion West Workshop.

The idea is:
1. We pledge to pursue some specific writing goals.
2. You pledge a certain amount of dough on the condition that we complete those writing goals.

3. The Workshop is (partially) funded for another year.

Countless SF authors have benefitted from this workshop, and I think it’s important to support it–not because I think it’s a necessary stepping stone for everyone (I don’t), but instead because it was really good for me, and for a number of people I know, and I think others deserve access to the same wonderful experience and resource.

So I’m doing this, and my profile for the Write-a-thon is here (there’s a button there you can click to donate/pledge).

I’m not offering prizes like Tuckerizing supporters because it may be difficult given what I’m writing–the names of the characters in the two projects I’m committed to are kind of determinedby the narrow setting. But I may throw in a few surprises, and should the novel I’m working on get published, everyone who supported my bit of the Write-a-thon will be included in the thanks section of the book. And I may throw in a few surprise Easter Eggs on behalf of supporters, if I can!

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