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No Access, They Said

They being my ISP. They didn’t say it, though, except through an error code. I can’t access this site, my own website, except via Tor. (Not, I mean this Tor.) I can’t imagine my site has actually been added to any watch or block lists, since I’ve written practically nothing there about this country I’m now in… but I still have to use Tor to get through and post.

It’s been hectic and busy the last couple of days, with lots to do, and lots to explore. My friends just flew back from the States and we were busy picking them up at the airport and catching up a bit. They also brought me some saxophone-related goodies–a Phil Barone Jazz 7* and an Otto Link (hard rubber) 9* for warm-up and breath control exercises, along with some other gear (a sax harness, a reed case, and the only sax mute on the market that actually does work)–and I’ve been experimenting with the lot. (I played enough today to develop some kind of little blister on my lip, in fact!)

I’ll be talking more about that gear in later posts–I’m still getting to know both mouthpieces, for one thing–but I’m happy with all of it.

Besides that, it’s been a flurry of writing, and trying to write, and personal stuff. But I’m well, and working on a series of posts on cinema, art, and the infantilization of adulthood in the “modern” world. More on that later, though. I have stuff to write tonight.

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