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Under the Knife Trailer

Well, I just heard back from my friend Josh Hoffman, who’s working on the rough cut for his indie horror/thriller film, Under the Knife. This is, to be clear, Josh’s film, not ours, though we did show up to help out on production for a couple of days during the shoot. (Which was, if I remember right, in February of this year, just before we left Korea.)

Under the Knife is set mostly in Korea, and I’d sum it up as, say, “The Manchurian Candidate meets 200 Pounds Beauty.”

(The latter is a Korea film about a woman who decides to get plastic surgery to make her life better, and the consequences. Some crook has posted the whole thing on Youtube, though probably the trailer is enough for you to get the idea.)

Anyway, here’s Josh’s trailer:

Considering the kind of time constraints we were working under, the trailer looks pretty good, actually.

(I worked lights and audio for one day (that’s what I’m credited for, if I remember right); Mrs. Jiwaku did a bunch of stuff on another day, and helped bring in some other people, so she is credited as a Line Producer.)

It was a learning experience for me in a lot of ways, as have all the film projects in which I’ve been involved. But I’ll save that for another time…


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