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If I Could Brew Now…

Saigon doesn’t seem to be a great place to be a homebrewer. As far as I know, there’s nowhere to buy grain, yeast, or hops in the city, and while there is  and active community of homebrewers up in Hanoi, there doesn’t seem to be one in Saigon. I could be wrong–and if I am, I’d love to hear more about it–but that’s my impression from scouring the web.

This is tolerable, for me, because I brewed a hell of a lot–to the point of exhaustion, and being a bit tired of brewing–by the time I left Korea, and because Saigon has just broad enough a selection of imports for me to try new things (or familiar, beloved beers) occasionally, while not wanting to buy too much of them, since they’re not cheap here… and because brewing is enough of a passion for me that it tends to distract from other pursuits to some degree, such as the writing I’m trying to get done here.

But my Pending Posts queue on this blog has a whole bunch of brewing recipes I formulated, but never got around to brewing–everything from a soured braggot (that is, mead/beer hybrid, soured by wild yeast) to a Kotbuss–an endangered style of German altbier with molasses and honey in it. Still, if I could brew in Saigon, what would I be making? The answer is simple, really:

But what if there were no limits? What if I were fully equipped with a home brewery right now, and grain and hops and an environment where I could cool fermenting batches of beer… in that case, what would I make? Which is also to ask: when I do get back into brewing, someplace where we figure we’ll stay long enough to justify buying homebrewing gear, what will I make?

Here’s a top ten:

Runner-up is a Berliner Weisse, because all my experiences with those have been good… though this time, I’d add some kind of Brett to the mix, and sour it with lactobacillus.

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