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When It Rains

One thing that happens when you get busy trying to write a novel or two is that short story publications slow down, so I haven’t had a lot of publication announcements to make recently, but when it rains, it pours. (As I’m about to rediscover when the rainy season strikes us again here in Saigon.)

In any case, I finally do have some publication news, all of which struck basically at once a month or so ago. (I waited till the ink was dry on all the contracts before announcing anything, though.)

Firstly, I have a novella forthcoming soon in Asimov’s SF, titled “Stars Fell on Alabama.” It’s another jazz-related novella: I figure, three more of these and I could do a collection of jazz SF stories. This one features a cast of characters from 1920s America–a long-lived refugee jazzman with a secret, a low-ranking mobster, a runaway mob kingpin’s mistress, a hardworking Pullman porter, a physicist, and a lonely old lady… on a train from St. Louis to Chicago. But there’s something else on board with them, of course…

This is my impression of the Coen Brothers, if they ever were to make an SF film.

Next, two reprints: Sean Wallace will be including “The Clockworks of Hanyang” in The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures (to be released in the fall of 2014). The story looks to be in excellent company, according to the table of contents posted at the link above! Very flattering, and I look forward to the story getting a wider reading. (Incidentally, I’ve got a new story set in that same steampunk-apocalypse world, which I’ll be flogging around soon… and which I’m considering expanding into a novel at some point, too.)

Also, the new Far-Fetched Fables podcast (part of the District of Wonders) will be podcasting “Of Melei, of Ulthar” sometime after their launch this April, which is also cool: I have a soft spot for the story, for a variety of reasons. It’ll be fun to hear what another reader makes of the world.

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