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Write-a-Thon Progress Report, Week 4

Week 4 of the Write-a-thon ended yesterday night. (For me, since I’m doing my writing on a week that runs Monday-Sunday, that is, but since I was sick last night I took a night off…) Here’s my weekly update!

If you don’t know what this Write-a-thon is, and want to know more, see here. (While I have a few generous sponsors already, I’d still love a few more, and if you’d like, it’s easy. More info on what’s in it for you at the link above.)

Well, despite losing a night to being ill–a sad circumstance that will probably repeat itself tonight–I came close to doubling my weekly quota of words.

The final wordcount added to the manuscript was 21,900 words, which is pretty much the most I’ve ever written in a week.

What can I say, things really came together and had I not fallen ill last night, and been reduced to a sneezing, gibbering mess, I’d probably have hit 28,000 or even 30,000 words… that’s the kind of stride I was hitting late in the week, between 4,000-6,000 words a day. I had high hopes to actually achieve that, but well… sniff, sniff. 21,900 ain’t too shabby as it is.

I’m going to try hard to avoid banking those extra words forward to this week, though it’ll be a challenge, since I’m engaged in a job hunt a the moment. (In addition to trying to get over this cold which seems to me to be sort of like round two of what I had a week or two ago.)

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