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Prodigal Reviews

So, some positive reviews so far for “Prodigal,” which is nice to see.

(Not everyone has the ability to totally ignore or dismiss critics and reviews so wholeheartedly encouraged by Miles Davis.)

The highlights so far?

Well, Greg Hullender’s review Rocket Stack Rank has this to say:

“Moving, thought-provoking exploration of animal uplift. (…) as a metaphor for losing a loved one to a cause, it’s dynamite.”

There’s an uncredited review at SFRevu that praises the story, too:

“Sad story. Very well done.”

And finally, Chuck Rothman over at Tangent has high praise:

“[The issue] starts out with a bang with “Prodigal” by Gord Sellar… This is a strong story, one of the best I’ve read this year. I especially liked the fact that it avoids the simple solutions and has something to say about human (and dog) nature.”

Besides that, it’s already been picked up for one Year’s Best anthology for 2016. All before my contributor’s copy has even made it across the Pacific, which I have to say is really very encouraging.

Oh, and pssst, it’s Nebula-eligible, if anyone’s so inclined. (Not that I think I have a snowball’s chance, but I’ve been surprised before.)

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