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Update (8/10/2017): Yeah, that template? It went bye-bye within an hour, when the site slowed to a crawl. Ugh. I’ll find something else. As I say: things are gonna be a mess for a few days. 

Original post:

If you’re dropping by my webpage, you’ll probably notice it’s a bit of a mess. A bunch of things need modifying or fixing. I’m trying to get this done so that I can reduce the load put on my server, since I got a notice today that I’m once again overloading the shared server.

While I’m trying to weed out some unnecessary plugins, I figured I’d try a new template just to see if it helps any. It’s a junky free template but we’ll see how it does. I don’t have enough time to get everything sorted out right now—I have an appointment tonight—but I’ll try get things sorted out by tomorrow or the next day (South Korea time). That is, assuming there still is a Korean timezone tomorrow or the next day.

Anyway, this is just to explain why you might find the site in disarray at the moment.  

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