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“Winter Wheat” in the current Asimov’s SF!

So, the current issue of Asimov’s SF includes my novella, about which the magazine’s website says very kind things:

Our September/October 2019 issue features Gord Sellar’s blockbuster novella about high-tech farming in the Canadian North. “Winter Wheat” is a tour de force that begins in the dead of winter and takes us through a twelve-year cycle in Saskatchewan. You won’t want to miss this amazing story.

Very flattering. (You’d hardly guess I was a city kid who’s never lived on a farm.)

Oh, and yes, it’s a novella. It spans 13 years, jumping 13 months ahead in each section. It’s also the first published story of mine that’s set in Saskatchewan. You can read the first four sections in the preview that Asimov’s has made available on the website. (Follow the link above.)

This story is very special to me. I wrote the original draft not long after my father passed away, and it’s dedicated to him… and has a lot of him in it, though not in the places you might guess when you read that it’s a father-son story. 

Normally I publish a behind-the scenes post thing for every story I publish, and I may do one for this story too (update: I did, and it’s here), but Asimov’s has a blog where they post pieces by authors they’ve published, as well as interviews, and a Q&A with me should be published there at some point soon, so I’ll just add a link to that when it does, and fill in some of the blanks I left out in the post I make here. 

In the meantime, I’ll just add that while every story’s special in its way, this one is near to my heart, and I’m honored to see it in print, in great company, and to have (already, before my contributor copy has even arrived on my side of the Pacific) gotten a message from a stranger who enjoyed it and wanted me to know. 

If you’re looking to get a copy (or subscribe to the magazine), the website offers lots of ways to do it, whether you prefer a print edition, or want to get the magazine in ebook form

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