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Monster Man: “My Favorite Monster”

For those who are interested, I appeared on James Holloway’s podcast Monster Man for a “My Favorite Monster” episode, and you can hear it here! Along with promoting Isle of Joy Kickstarter, I also talk a bit about why I love using spirits in RPGs, and a bit about what living in Korea did to my conception of spirits and how they could work in games. As always, James was erudite and thoughtful about the topic. 

For me, this was pretty wild: I’ve been listening to Monster Man since sometime late last year when a good friend recommended it to me, and—well, what can I say, my daily commute has been filled with musings on monsters to the point where I’m only a couple of episodes behind. That’s really saying something, since the latest episode is

Anyway, I had fun talking with James, and I hope people enjoy the conversation too. 


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