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Wait, Should I Be Angry?

Last week, I was laughing at Shawn being so annoyed… some of his perky young sophomore students, when leaving his classroom, saw me hanging around, waiting for him to finish up so I could give him back his tape machine.

These girls stopped and went, “Oooh!”
I said, “What?”
“You is handsome man!” they said. One of them expanded upon this: “You look is like the Justin Timberlake!” she said, and winked, giving me the thumbs-up.

Now, when I tell the story, I claim that I replied with a wicked tone, “And you look like Janet Jackson, baby, come on over here…” But of course, I didn’t say that. I’m not quite quick-witted enough to think of that on the spot, and to be frank I’d forgotten all about that silly scandal.

But today, I realized, I don’t know what this guy actually looks like. So I thought I’d have a look, and I image-googled his name. Now, guys, I am fairly certain that I’m looking younger and thinner since India, but I don’t think I look like this:

As a matter of fact, I am somewhat glad I don’t look like this punk kid. The thought crosses my mind whether I should be angry to be compared to this lad. I think he looks a mite ridiculous, to be honest, a bit to self-satisfied and probably obnoxious. Don’t you think?

For comparison, here’s a pic of me with an Indian groupie who loves Dabang Band.

(Okay, she’s not really a groupie. Just some married lady who asked her husband whether it was okay to have a pic shot with me, I suppose for the novelty value or something. I said it was okay as long as he took a pic on my camera as well. Nice young couple.)

Okay, in the final analysis, I won’t be angry at Shawn’s students. They’re nice kids. But I guess it’s just funny what people think of as a compliment…

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