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Margaret Cho Hits the Reagan Nail on the Head

Comedian Margaret Cho hits the “Reagan’s Dead Ballyhoo” nail squarely on the head in a recent post on her blog titled:Goodbye Pres. Reagan


Goodbye Pres. Reagan

I think that it must be bad when you have to reminisce about how great it was to have Ronald Reagan for president. We all mourn his loss, and have for the last several days, because it brings it home even harder how terrible things are today. It is like we are having an ‘end days time out,’ just a little break from the calamity, to view the body, secretly assess the damage, go out for ice cream sundaes when everyone has a stomachache.

I will be watching the funeral, thinking about the death of our nation, hoping that we will get a last minute reprieve.

I wish I had the sense simply to have used sarcasnm as she did. Absolutely correct and very well-put.

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