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Yesterday I ordered this…

Yes. That’s right. Vernon, Florida. The famous, much-sought-after, out of print documentary about insane hicks in a small Florida town.

Well, actually, my friend Heather ordered it. Given that the film has never actually been released on DVD, I’m quite certain it’s pirated (and the fact that it is a zone-free DVD just confirms my suspicion further), but I love it so much I don’t care… given that it’s a more accessible medium, given that the film is out of print in all media. I just hope the rip is good, or I’ll be pissed off.

And if the rip IS good, I’ll definitely learn to rip DVDs just so that this one can get a little distribution on the P2P networks. It deserves to be seen, and I’ve never once seen hide or hair of it.

I’m actually pretty sure, given the positive feedback the seller on ebay got, that it is a good rip. I can’t wait to see it again. I wanna have a DVD party when it comes in, so whoever’s in Jeonju (or near Jeonju) and interested should email me so I can make an invitation list. I hope Nick’ll feel up to letting us use his projector and screen!

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