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First, the happy news about the gloomy story. I’ve been working hard on my ghost story and I just hit page 160 last night.

Second, a funny story about my neighbor Mike’s phone number. He had to change it last term because some kid had gotten ahold of it and was calling him, just to say “F*ck you!” and then hang up. At some point, the kid shared the number with a teenaged friend, who joined in. By the end, the teenager was—and I’m guessing at this—using the voice message system in his cell phone to send a four-letter voice-message to him automatically, meaning his phone would ring and ring and ring until he picked up the phone and heard the message in its entirety. Finally, he just got the number changed.

Third, a shocking story. I heard about the monster tsunami in the Indian Ocean (here’s a slideshow)at about the same time as I heard the funny story. I guess I’ve been working so hard on my novel that I haven’t been keeping up with the news. Gotta try to pay more attention… My neighbour actually was in Thailand a few days before this, but got robbed and came home early… lucky chap.

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