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Chainsaw Micro Graphic Novel

If you’ve ever wanted to try writing a graphic novel, you can, over at monochrom micro graphic novel. The site’s owner explains:

One day in Autumn of 2004 I found a heap of old cardboard boxes and other discarded packaging material in my grandfather’s shed. Among it was a box for a chainsaw. On the back of it there was this peculiar sequence of drawings in black and white. I looked at it for a while but to be honest, I couldn’t make any sense of it. Commissioned art printed on the back of the box for chainsaws, only to be discarded, never to be seen by anyone else again. And there I was, looking at these pictures on a cold day in October. The pictures began to whisper to me. Little tales of love and sorrow, hate and terror, big ideas and small hopes. Man creates universes, first with his thoughts, then with with his words.
That is why this very webpage exists. I want to fill this hollow space of empty pictorials with your words, the words of the graphic novel. Help me bring the stories in the drawing come to life, there’s a hell of a lot of them in there. Now, you write one, too.

I’ve written one, though who knows when it will show up. But if you do write one, you’ll be in far better company than me: Cory Doctorow (my source for this link) posted a microstory to the site, too!

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