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Famous People I’d Meet

Last week’s Friday Five was a question I posed, rather unintelligibly:

Our world is one in which many fully-literate citizens can be expected to know much more about entertainers than about the politicians who they’re told represent them in government. It’s easy for intellectual types like us Friday Fivers to dismiss pop stars, of course, but surely some of them interest us. What about living celebrities from the world of entertainmentmeaning music, film, or television, but not including the world of the printed word except for those stars whose celebrity, though having originated in writing, has transcended this niche to household-name status? Which five “superstars” would you meet in person, if you had the chance to hand-pick them individually?

Okay, so which 5 non-print (or non-exclusively-print) celebrities would I like to meet?

Well, one would be Michael Moore. I mean, not just meet, but I’d like to have time and the clout to have him sit with me and answer a few questions. I have some, of course, about his strategies, his methods, his values, and so forth. I’m not criticizing him, necessarily, but I do think it’d be interesting to talk about ethics with him without a context of his anti-Corporate, anti-Republican crusade. I wonder if it would even be possible to extricate him from that context, though.

Naomi Klein might be a journo and an author, but she’s also a media icon and a symbol of the anti-Corporate, anti-Brand crusade. She’s a big name, a star, and pretty cool. Actually, I think meeting her with Michael Moore would be interesting as hell.

Were I allowed to bring a laser gun along, meeting Ann Coulter briefly would be alright. Briefly is all it would take.

Let’s see: I have a feeling a beer with Morgan Freeman would be an interesting time. And… uh… uh… aha, Jane Goodall. I know for certain that woman would have a lot of stories to tell.

Pretty weak effort, though. I find I’m much less interested in celebrities who aren’t related to books than I imagined I might find. Ah well, maybe you should try your luck with the other Friday Fivers. To do that, check out the links in the sidebar.

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