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What Would You Be If You Were An RPG Character?

On seeing the static page If I Were An RPG Game Character, I’d Be…, Shawn commented that it’d be really cool if I did one up for each other person in the office.

Well, the thing is, I have no time to do such a thing, nor do I have the inclination. But I do think that it’d be neat to see how others represent themselves as characters for various RPG games. There’s something about filling out a character sheet with your own statistics that is very… I don’t know, it involves some careful and honest thinking about yourself.

So anyway, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to put up a link to an online archive of character sheets for over 150 different RPG game systems. Anyone who wants to can download and print them and then, by hand, (or use their graphics editor program) fill them out and post the sheet to me — I can give you my postal address by email — or can scan it and email it to me. I’m willing to host the character sheet of anyone interested. (And I’m thinking of starting up a website just hosting such things for anyone and everyone online who wants his or her character sheet online somewhere. Neat idea, huh?)

. . .

(Yeah, I thought so.)

Here’s the archive of character sheets. I’m using Wraith, which is the last in the select menu, but feel free to use any system or sheet you like! I’m curious to see what kinds of sheets I’ll get.

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