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Good-Bye TOIEC?

That’s what Jodi’s reporting. And I say, good riddance. It’s not just that TOIEC doesn’t test real ability; it’s also that TOEIC sidetracks people from trying to learn to understand English, into memorizing ridiculous obscure grammar points and, worse, memorizing methodologies designed to maximize correct answers on TOEIC tests through absolutely inane grammatical analysis of the questions. Yes, really. Ask Lime if you don’t believe me. Or the people I work with, who can tell you horror stories about TOEIC preparation book questions that make absolutely no sense.

Me, I just wonder how anyone convinced so many people to accept such a ridiculous evaluation standard for so long, and so widely. I mean, really. It makes me want to design an outright bogus testing standard, too, just to see how many people could be hoodwinked into accepting it. But, nah, I have better things to do.

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