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Too Harsh?

Is this too harsh to email to this guy? I was forced to pass him today, and he had the gall to send a thank-you email to me. Not that the twit would read it, but maybe I could get it translated. He deserves some kind of harsh response, considering the crap he pulled to get a pass in the class — rather disgusting as I’m sure you’ll agree — but I’m not sure whether what I’ve written below crosses the line.


Don’t thank me. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t deserve the grade you got. NOBODY thinks you deserve it. You don’t deserve it and EVERYONE knows it. It’s obvious.

I didn’t give you a D because I wanted to be nice to you. I gave you a D because I had no choice. You deserve to fail the class and not graduate, and do you know why?

It’s not because you didn’t come to the final exam. I can accept an emergency as a reason for missing a final exam. But you waited three weeks and then started asking about your grade. How old are you? This is a child’s behaviour. But it’s not even because you waited a LONG time to contact me after the final exam.

You deserve to fail, more than anything, because you were a terrible student (in my class). I don’t care about your school elections management job: that was only a couple of classes. But name, YOU ATTENDED CLASS *5 TIMES*. You missed 10 classes! That’s 20 hours of instruction that you missed. You obviously didn’t learn any English from me. You didn’t get anything worthwhile from me. NOTHING. Why do you thank me? All you got was a made-up grade that was a lie.

By the way, your thank-you letter to me is in Korean. Did you stop to think about this? You have studied English for 2 years or more at this University and you can’t even write short apology/thank-you letter to your teacher in English? What have you been doing? Did you skip all of your English classes?

If you haven’t learned to come to class after four years of University, then you ought to fail and not get a degree until you learn that lesson well enough to pass your courses fairly. That’s my opinion. A real education teaches responsibility. When I was a student, if I missed a lot of classes, then I simply accepted the fact I’d fail. Why? Because I’m an adult. You acted like a child, expecting protection when you didn’t come to class almost every week. I don’t know how you got into student government, but the fact is, you’re one of the worst students I’ve ever had.

And what makes you the absolute worst student I’ve ever had is that, if I understand correctly, you actually ABUSED your position in student government to get a passing grade. Because you could call someone to help you, my office secretaries got TOLD that you must be given a D. This is the most miserable, dishonorable thing a student can do. It’d be rotten enough if you just showed up and begged for a passing grade. But you didn’t do that. You ABUSED YOUR POSITION IN STUDENT GOVERNMENT to get a passing grade and graduate. That is simply WRONG, and it MAKES ME SICK.

So don’t say thank you. Don’t talk to me. Don’t consider yourself a university graduate, because what you are is a cheater. I hope you remember that when you are receiving your diploma. You CHEATED, and don’t deserve it, and the only way you got it is by forcing people to LIE for you. Other students at least put in a little work to receive a D. You didn’t even bother to do that. I’ve had mentally retarded students — literally mentally handicapped students — who worked harder in my class than you did.

So congratulations. You got yourself a diploma that you didn’t earn. I hope you’re proud of your ability to manipulate, lie, and cheat. That is what your diploma represents.

Don’t email me again.


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