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On Our Way Out

Lime and I are at the Incheon Airport. A few hours ago we met the secretary from the University I’ll be working at from March onward, so I could sign my contract for my new job there: the paperwork is being handled a little later than normal, and there was no contract for me to sign until Thursday. Since I couldn’t come to Seoul on Friday, she generously agreed to come meet me in Seoul, even though today was the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday. We had a nice chat after I signed the contracts, and then parted ways — us to the airport, and she back home to enjoy the holiday with her folks.

There were a couple of small surprises in that contract, but absolutely nothing to complain about! As a matter of fact, each of them was a good one — slightly better pay than was originally mentioned in my second interview, and a contract completely in very clear and well-written English, for starters! Anyway, I was holding off announcing the news specifically until I got a chance to sign the contract, but now I have, so there’s no sense in keeping mum.

I will be working for at least the next year — hopefully longer — in Bucheon. By coincidence, Lime will be interning at one or more of the University Hospitals affiliated with Catholic University. Since this is a new beginning, and since Lime will be dreadfully busy for the next few years, it’s the perfect time for a holiday, though we have too short a time to go to Canada.

So off we go to Thailand, this afternoon. Warm weather, beach and nice food.

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