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Gaaaaaaaaaah, more horrid amusements

Four Asian-American guys training up to do a rap on MacBeth for extra credit. It’s a hilarious send-up of life in a home where, even if you got A or A+ in everything else, a B+ in English just won’t do. They embrace the stereotypes, and the geekery is TOTALLY hilarious. Especially brilliant is Earl, the Filipino who is, uh “all ghetto” and stuff.

And from the comment section of the post where I got the above, this one is sorta funny too. I can’t speak for dating culture in North America, but most of the interiracial couples in Korea are definitely between Korean women and white men, and I think that while it’s not so simple as the video suggests — parental expectations, and the relative expectations of women and men in relationships push the trend massively toward white-man-Korean-woman couples, and away from Korean-man-white-woman couples, and of course the fact that the majority of foreigners are men helps, I also think that in Korea, women are more assertive about relationships than guys; I think a lot of Korean women are pursuing foreign men in a way that Korean men aren’t, for whatever reason, pursuing foreign women.

Linked via Brain Farts.

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