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It’s Only $300 Billion

A member of a mailing list I’m on passed on this article, It’s Only $300 Billion, which asks the question why it’s possible for America to fund a war in Iraq, but not to fund the Kyoto Protocol.

I’ve thought of that before too, but you see, the mere suggestion is heresy. The War in Iraq is all about profit and control of oil freedom and democracy, while the Kyoto Protocol is all about ensuring a livable planet for generations to come, achieved the only way it’s going to be possible, with the wealthy leading the way since they can afford it damned limitations being imposed on the rich and letting the poor get away with murder.

Which makes me think that future generations are going to look at us in the same kind of way people look at Europeans watching World War II advancing, coming, slowly taking form on the horizon, and yet not doing anything realistic to prevent it. It’s not as if we’re immune from looking like idiots in hindsight, no matter what we think.

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