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Tight Shirts and the Complainer

Two things from the last week:

What I said to one class today summed it up: “Look, guys, if you think I made a mistake or was unfair in my assessment of your writing, please bring it up. I do make mistakes sometimes! But if you are going to sit and compare grades to one another, please remember: I spent a significant amount of time making sure I was fair in my assessment, and I didn’t just assign grades randomly. Read all the comments and look through your essays for what I discuss in them, before you dispute a mark. Okay?”

Two students raised the issue; one was correct — I’d accidentally deducted a small bit of her grade for no reason I could find when looking over her essay again, and I corrected the grade. The other student nodded in agreement when I showed her where the thing was that I was talking about, and took it gracefully.

I also have quite explicitly explained to my two writing classes exactly what the grading curve means for them, and that I don’t like the system but am required to use it. I therefore expect very little in the way of contested grades.

Now, I have a ton of stuff to do. But I should sum up:



I still have a lot to do, but the deeply concentrated, crazy workload part of the end of semester is actually over for me. I will probably get most of the grading done over the weekend, and next week I’ll finalize grades, get paperwork done, and print out gradesheets. Only the first two pips on the to-do list are really demanding, and I have three full weekend days to get them done, let alone the various days during the week next week.

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