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My Sole Trick-or-Treaters

So one of my neighbours, Jason, and his wife have a couple of little boys, and they were done up as Spiderman for Hallowe’en, and I gave them a little candy. It was pretty cute, their dad urging them to say, “Trick or Treat”, and them all reluctant to do so, until finally, they kinda got the words out (they’re very young), and we clapped and cheered and I gave them some candy. And then I ran off to class.

I mention this because I haven’t given candy to children for Hallowe’en in years — it’s not celebrated in Korea, and even now, it’s only more of a young-adult party-in-costumes thing. So it was unusual for me to see any children costumed up. I don’t think it’ll ever really catch on here, but that’s fine. It’s not my favorite holiday anyway. But the pair of little Spidermen was cute.

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