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Sold! “Junk”

I’m happy to announce my second fiction sale. My short-short story “Junk” will be appearing in Nature‘s prestigious “Futures” column, featuring 850-950 word long hard SF. There’s no date set yet, but the editor, Henry Gee, accepted the story very quickly and just I’ve been sitting on this until I heard back about the contract. I’m blown away and very happy to be able to announce this.


As for sales versus submissions, I think I’ve been relatively lucky so far: it’s a ration of 1:10. Anyway, the year’s half-done, so I should be able to sell one or two more stories by year’s end, I think. I hope.

Meanwhile, I have received an encouraging rejection for “Cai and her Ten Thousand Husbands” (sigh) and a form rejection for “The Day I Lost My ‘thulhu.” Lots of tidying up and resubmitting to go. But I have a big smile on my face.

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