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Hin Jook, and More Proof of My Existence

I’ve been eating jook all day. If you don’t know what jook is, well, this might not be the best introduction. There is such a thing as delicious jook — after all, the stuff is just rice porridge. If you make it with a little pumpkin, or chicken, or other flavorful things, it can be delightful. But me, I’ve been eating it plain — hin jook, ie. white rice porridge. A little oil, a little salt, but basically plain. And drinking way too much water.

This is how one prepares for the tests I’m having tomorrow. At the hospital. I’ll say more about that when I know more. I’m not particularly worried, at the moment, but I have been a little nervous lately. Let’s just say with the tests they’re throwing at me, if there’s something wrong, they’re bound to find it.

Weirdly, today I’ve had very little problem breathing or in the guts, but a splitting headache since about 3pm. Which I’m blaming on the hin jook. I tell you, enough of this stuff — enough being three small bowls — and you seriously, vehemently feel like throwing it up. Especially when you’re downing big cups of water over and over, which makes me feel like the stuff is expanding even more inside me. Seriously. But I’ve kept it down, and headache aside, I feel okay.

Anyway, between classes — I have a full day today, including final exams for two classes tonight — I’ve wandered about looking at the blogs of various people, especially SF authors.

When I got to Scalzi’s blog, I followed a link on the post titled SFWA Followup and it took me to a post on Charles Stross’s blog on, well, more SFWA follies. But the surprise was when I followed the comment thread and found myself mentioned there! The comment I linked, and the follow up, were in reference to “The Egan Thief,” recently published in Flurb. Isn’t that neat? (Something in the discussion brought the story to the mind of the commenter, Adam Balm, and Jonathan Vos Post posted a link and tiny excerpt.)

I like to think of that the same way as having my name mentioned (in a list of contributors to Flurb) on boingboing — it’s more ethero-archeological evidence of my existence in the early 21st century. Sure, the evidence will probably be gone by the mid-21st century, but… well, anyway, don’t remind me of that.

Big publication news update coming soon. Perhaps tonight or maybe tomorrow night.

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