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Bananagirl Wins the Prize

Back in the days when I still played with Dabang Band, we used to joke about hiring telephone girls to dance for one of our shows. You know, the girls in vinyl skirts who get hired to dnace when new phone shops or hardware outlets open. (See here or here for examples. There’s girls with a dancing soju bottle here, too.) I never took the idea seriously, but seeing the video below, I now think Dabang should have permanently hired on a troupe of such young ladies, contracting them always to wear blonde wigs and zebra-print hot pants. (And a couple of guys to dress up as cartoon icon characters, too.) We could have sold every CD we ever made in one shot, and gotten onto TV in a week.

Seriously, though, I think this may be the oddest Korean music video (for non-indie-rock, anyway) that I’ve ever seen. Much more entertaining than the usual love-story-death theme. Or teenaged girls dressed alternately like streetwalkers and schoolgirls, dancing badly and lipsynching. LJ readers, follow the link to see the vid on my site. I promise, it’s worth it.

Video courtesy of this post on Your Daily Shot of Soju.

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