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For those who read my earlier post about how the RSS feed might have to change for this site, please disregard that warning.

Because of the nature of the plugin I’ve installed to allow privacy control of my more sensitive posts, changes to the feed will be unnecessary. Yay!

However, it would still be a good idea to visit my Contact/RSS subpage and make sure you’re subscribed to my original feeds.

(That is, copy-and-paste those feeds, rather than following the link and subscribing to the Feedburner feed that you’re forwarded to. That way, if I ever so stop using Feedburner feed forwarding, you won’t have to resubscribe then, since your subscription will be to my original feed.)

More upgrades on the way, but none of them as disruptive to you, my beloved readers, as this one. Thanks for your understanding and your patience!

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