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Salt Fish Girl Onstage

Sometimes I do wish I was back over where I could see cool stage productions and stuff. (Or get involved with them or something.) Like the upcoming adaptation by Gein Wong (&co.) of Larissa Lai‘s novel Salt Fish Girl. Say what you want about Wong’s “spoken word” performances (not my thing, but then, that’s true of most “spoken word” or whatever they call it), but this looks interesting:

And no, I haven’t read the book yet, but I did get my hands on it. I’m hoping to get at it sometime this semester, as I’m likely to be using another of her pieces (from the PoCo SF anthology edited by Nalo Hopkinson and Uppinder Mehan, titled So Long Been Dreaming) in my (somewhat cobbled together) course on multiculturalism in Canadian literature.

(This week, we’re revisiting Thomas King’s work, specifically “How Corporal Colin Sterling Saved Blossom, Alberta, and Most of the Rest of the World As Well,” and also turning to Nalo Hopkinson’s short story “Tan-Tan and Dry Bone.”)

(Via Nalo Hopkinson’s blog.)

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