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On my way to Japan

It’s a lucky thing I didn’t leave as planned. I ended up spending Monday at the hospital. I’m now on high blood pressure medication. Which is good, because it’s managing issues, but it’s hard not to be frustrated and let down by the fact my efforts in the last few months didn’t even dent my health issues. I guess I’ll have to try harder. My goal is to get off these medications in a year. We’ll see if I can manage it… I was told it’s possible, but that many people just go on the meds and have to stay on for life. What a birthday present, only a little more than a week early. Nothing like that to make you feel even sexier than before.

Anyway, two days in Japan. I’ll be back in Korea on Wednesday night, and I guess I’ll try hit the ground running when I do return. Now, I have to take my pill before I fly, so this is it for now… visa run number… oh, I’ve lost count.

Have a good couple of days, everyone.

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