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A Fleeting Update Redux Redux Redux

I’ve been insanely busy, with a guest visiting, so not much blogging going on. Next week is the University festival, as well, but I’ll be going on a trip during part of the week, and expect not much blogging then. However, I’ll do some updates and program them to show up for the next week or so, asI have things to say, just not much time to say them.

In the meantime, those following my brewing adventures will be happy to note  that the sour mash I did last week actually worked much better than I thought, and that the batch I thought might be infected seems to be okay. An update has been added to the relevant brewposts (sour mash, possibly-infected batch).

I’m looking forward to brewing up some new brews, which I’ll be doing in the next few weeks. Whcih reminds me, argh, I gotta get some kegs. I now have 2 big carboys and one small one, all full with delicious beer, and none of them have anywhere to go.

Unfortunately, most of the carboys are in fact half-full, and it makes more sense to bottle them at this point. But I’ll be doing bigger batches soon, and will need to have kegs. So… I’d better make that call.

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