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There Are People They Shouldn’t Let Out in Public…

… and in Korea, many of them drive taxis. Monday evening, we met an extra special case of this, and it ruined a chunk of our evening.

I wonder if it’s just the part of the city I’m in? I never have these sorts of problems outside of a stretch of city from Yongsan (where a random older bastard drunk tried to pick a fight with me for not saying “Hello!” to him with a hakwon teacher smile) to Yeokgok (where scumbag scooter drivers shout things like “slut!” at Korean women who happen to be beside a foreign man, and a depressing number of taxi drivers seem to be just scrapping for a fight… and get abusive of people who dare to be headed to destinations they’d rather not go to).

Lesson for the day: if the cabbie seems like a prick from the first instant, or seems not to want to takke you where you’re going? Just get out of the taxi and take the one behind it. Sooner or later, you’ll get a sane cabbie who’ll be glad to take you there, or at least won’t try to torture you all the way. Most of the cabbies I get in this neighborhood are nice, though they’re harder to flag down than in most places I’ve lived in Korea. But some, especially as I’ve noticed in Bucheon, are mentally ill, and best avoided.

You might want to reply when the idiot starts shouting, “Fuck you, you fucking bastard!” at you in Korean for no sensible reason, but as with monkeys, feeding only encourages them.

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