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Robogeisha Taken? Okay, Well…

Finally, a writing project post! I’ve had some time to get some work done on a few projects, and the ones I’ve gotten to have been coming along nicely… but I’ve also decided to tie up as many loose ends as possible (in terms of shorter writing projects) so that I can dedicate myself to writing a novel after this semester.

Anyway, I dug up an old sketch of a short story which, in the form it was originally conceived, was of very limited potential: likely mostly to succeed as a kind of in-joke for Ubuntu Linux users, involving the use of Open Source software for highly customizable sexbots. Which, I know, is the kind of story that could go wrong in sooooooo many ways.

Well, I’ve picked it up and now have a vague sense of what direction it could take, to be a really interesting story. My one complaint? The term “Robogeisha” already exists:

Because the way Japan and Korea are throwing themselves at robotics, I think it’s safe to guess the first sexbots will likely be produced in one of those two countries. And whether it’s Korea or Japan, I suspect the software is going to be, well, less than exemplary…

Ah well, I can always use the name MechaGeisha. The real problem is — how to write a mind-blowing story based on this beginning?

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