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With Gods Like These…

I got the oddest comment on the last post I made. The content was unrelated to my post, but instructed readers to Google a few keywords leading straight to the comment-poster’s own blog, which was about…

Er, well, I’ll let the email I just sent him speak for itself.

Dear Mr. Hagedorn,

Just curious what the connection is, in your head, between my review of a few recent movies — none of them theological in nature at all — and your inane theory that the real sin that got Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden was… (drum roll)… anal sex?

I have to admit, it’s a clever reading, and one that casts the demiurge of the tale as even more of a psychopath, since these little creatures Adam and Eve whom he put into a paradise were apparently wired by him to enjoy this ostensible “evil” (and, nobody gets hurt when they do it–their deity is the only one who seems to be going about inflicting pain on others, or, in later bits of that same book, commanding his Chosen Folk to do stuff like genocide and rape and child-murder and so on). Thank goodness some people had the temerity to think up Human Rights; with gods like these, who needs devils?

It’s amusing, however, that you seem to think this text upon which you performed your exegesis on was the original. You do realize the Bible wasn’t written in English, originally, right? It also amuses me that you have the short-range vision and imagination necessary to actually believe that the oldest widely-known story (according to you) is as obsessed with buttsex as modern American evangelicals (who, by the way, conveniently ignore most of the bible, like the thousands of injunctions against hoarding wealth and allowing poverty to fester, in favor of their lurid obsession with what other people do in their bedrooms).

Then again, man has been making up gods in his own image since time immemorial, so it’s unfair to imagine you’d do anything else.

But in future, please bear in mind that most bloggers are not really open to having random kooks post links to unrelated articles without even a shred of discussion on the post to which they’re commenting.

Gord Sellar

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