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#dungeon23, Days 52—65: The Large Fragment

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This is another installment in my #dungeon23 project, updating my progress up to Day 65 of the project, which was Monday the 6th of March.

I decided, for my next burst of setting-creation, to work on a larger fragment of the shattered moon, one floating free from other pieces. 

It has a small city (in ragged shape, and surrounded by some very roughed-up farmland), some settlements, a weird “forest,” and some natural and unnatural hazards, as well as one or two locales related to other fragments I haven’t outlined yet, and/or groups hailing from those fragments. 

The shape is a bit awkward, but I’m sort of working off the assumption that the look of the maps matters less than the ideas I’m generating along the way—in other words, I’m giving myself permission for the maps to be less than fully inspiring since I’m scribbling them with a pencil, often in the wee hours of the night.

I also did up a random table for one of the locales, or rather, for generating locales labeled “5.” on this map. (Those are farmhouses.) I haven’t generally done much typing-up of this for this project, but for tables it always feels easier on a screen than it would be handwriting results. I like procedural generation tables, as long as they’re manageable, and will probably do more for this setting, as I fill out moon fragments with recurring versions of the same kinds of locales (like farmhouses). Probably the best way to make it work is to have slightly longer tables that are carefully structured so that roll modifiers can be applied to fine-tune results to reflect the settlement patterns of each region that is now a separate fragment.

Next, I’m working on a smaller fragment, or actually a set of three smaller fragments that remain linked by… wiring? viscera? The stuff of the halfway layer, whatever it is. Anyway, that’s about it for now. 

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