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Isle of Joy: Kickstarter Coming Soon!

While this blog is not heavily-trafficked, I thought it would probably be a good idea to post this here, because at least according to my site’s stats, a few real people do drop by from time to time. 

If you’re following me on social media, you’re probably aware that there’s a Kickstarter coming up for my Isle of Joy adventure book. One of the elevator pitches I’ve seen is, “If Jodorowsky directed The Tempest for A24, but an RPG,” and that feels right to me. If that appeals to you, then head over here to be notified when the campaign launches!

A recent post included a mock-up image of the book’s cover, which I think is gorgeous, along with what look like new sketches for a couple of my favorite locales in the setting:

The contents were playtested by my Sunday night group, and we had loads of fun playing through it. It’s a dark, spooky, weird setting on a tropical isle—or is it two islands—with a lot of mysterious and weird tragedy woven into the setting, which is to say a setting with a lot of secrets and mysteries to uncover, including a lost magic system, loads of NPCs, plenty of bizarre creatures, and several entire civilizations for your player characters to encounter.

It’s written for OSE, but you can run it with anything loosely compatible with that. The Kickstarter itself is coming in October. 

Oh, and for your listening pleasure, here’s one of the sample tracks I did up for the campaign video.

It’s one we didn’t end up using, but I still like how it reminds me of really early stuff by The Orb. People are welcome to download it (right click and download the track here) and use it in their game if they like. 

Once again, here’s that link to sign up for in order to get a reminder when the campaign launches!

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