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Practice Log: 24–30 March (Sunday–Saturday)

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series 2024 Practice Log

This is my regularly updated practice log, mostly for accountability with my saxophone practice. Below you can see my practice for the week. If you’d like to check it out, here’s my goal list of tunes for the year. 

I’m still working on “Four” and “Skylark” for this week. I know the form of “Four” but actually navigating it in real time—especially at the popular tempo—is tough!  

Below, you can see a log of my practice sessions for the week.


I did my best this week, despite work still being ridiculously busy. (Less busy than the week before, with one class canceled, but still.) 

I’m condensing how I record what I did, just summarizing everything done instead of specifying what I did on what instrument. Hopefully that’ll make it easier to keep up this log, because doing so hasn’t been easy so far.  


I did two hours, all on alto sax

Problem areas:


I did about 100 minutes: one hour on soprano and forty minutes on bari sax.  



I brought my tenor to the practice room and did two hours.  



I almost didn’t make it to the practice room: my class let out later than usual and I was beat. However, I pushed myself and made it for 90 minutes on alto. 



Thursdays are an off day: no time to get to the practice room. However, in the evening after my son went to bed I did a little reading from _________. 


I did an hour on the soprano sax. 



I couldn’t make it to the practice room again. Busy day with other side work. 

Summary & Progress

Overall I’m happy with:

Things I’m struggling with and need to do/work on:

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