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Practice Log: 17–23 March (Sunday–Saturday)

This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series 2024 Practice Log

This is my regularly updated practice log, mostly for accountability with my saxophone practice. Below you can see my practice for the week. If you’d like to check it out, here’s my goal list of tunes for the year. 

I’m still working on “Four” for this week, but I’ve selected my next tune for my study project: “Skylark.” The chords are challenging but overall playing over them isn’t so tough. I’m planning to do a harmonic analysis, though, just to see how it ticks. I’m surprised at how few versions I could turn up on Youtube. 

Below, you can see a log of my practice sessions for the week.


I did my best this week, despite work still being ridiculously busy. (Less busy than the week before, with one class canceled, but still.)  


I did just over an hour, all on soprano. 

Soprano Sax: 

Problem areas:


I did and hour and a half on tenor. I was exhausted, so it was just long tones and tunes. 

Tenor Sax: 



As I noted the other day, I took my tenor sax for repairs. The tech I go to in town is very nice, and did all the necessary work—recorking the neck, checking for leaks, adding some corks to silence mechanisms—for only W30,000 (less than $30.00) US. I picked up some 2½ Java Green tenor reeds and a neck swab while I was there, but because I’d only brought my tenor (and because I had a lot of work to do for school this week, as well as some proofreading to do) I dispensed with my daily trip to the practice room. 


Having gotten my tenor repaired, I did 100 minutes on tenor today. 

Tenor Sax: 



I usually miss on Thursday this semester, and today was no exception. What can I say, it’s a very long workday and not just for me… 


I did two hours: an hour and a half on soprano, and half an hour on bari. 

Soprano Sax: 

Bari Sax:




I did an hour and forty minutes on alto, and then a little playing on piano while waiting for my son to finish with his board game club/Lego build session. 

Alto Sax: 



Summary & Progress

Overall I’m happy with:

Things I’m struggling with and need to do/work on:

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