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The Rest of Semester

I’ve been looking for a way to work in a podcast into one of my classes, especially the Media English class, but there just wasn’t room this time around. However, I did a slight overhaul of my rest-of-semester-plans with some of my students. Here are the results:

I’m already feeling dread about the first and second full weeks of June. I’ll be teaching classes and I think the rest of my free time will be devoted to marking final projects and presentations and such. I will probably spend tomorrow bringing gradesheets up to date, inputting formulae, and tying up loose ends in other areas. I also need to do up a clear to-do list for what needs to happen before I leave for Seattle; I have another article to write for cahoots and a pile of editing and of course reading, research for my Clarion Workshop story ideas, and so on. Sooooooooo much. So it’s time to get off the damned blog, already.

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