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I flew to Tokyo on Tuesday evening, got a ticket for Sapporo for Wednesday night, and went wandering in Tokyo the rest of that evening. Next day, wandered some more, and (barely!) caught my train for Sapporo. Overnight train, got here Thursday morning, and found myself a room so I could shower and so on.

Tokyo is boiling hot, but Sapporo is nice and cool. I need new sandals — my feet have blisters already — but I’m feeling like a new person after a nice soak in a big, warm bath. Anyway, I’ll only be in Hokkaido a few days, before blasting down on another overnight train to Osaka, from which I’ll proceed quickly to Kyoto.

No USB plug on the computer I’m using now, so no photos for the moment. I don’t have many interesting ones anyway. Since I’m trying to relax, the camera’s away half the time anyway.

That’s it for now. Should go… I didn’t pay to fly to Japan just to sit on a computer.

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