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Six Word Story, Ahem,

Not that I consider this a serious publication, but I figured, if Ernest Hemingway (and a bunch of Wired contributors) could do it, so could I.

(Arrogant, I know. Well, actually I figured that if he could do it powerfully, I could do something maybe passable.)

The result is, I have a “six-word memoir” coming out in this book. I get a contributor’s copy, but no money, of course. It’s amusing, though I’m not really in the practice of giving away content, really. I am actually not fond of But it is just six words.

Since I don’t have any contract or anything, I guess I’m entitled to republish it here, so for those of you who don’t want to pony up and buy the book (which you can do at a bunch of places, but I’ll just give you the Amazon link because I’m lazy and not on their marketing staff, ahem), my little six word memoir is as follows:

“Here’s my secret: location, location, relocation.”

Nothing quite as moving or economical as Hemingway’s, but there’s a kind of vaudeville expat pizazz to it, of which I am mildly fond.

I don’t have a copy of this book, but I’ll tell you what: for the person who posts the most interesting six-word memoir in the comments, I’ll send you something interesting (no promises on quality or wonderfulness) from my travels this winter.

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