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Two interviews with me have recently been published in Korea, both of them quite long. They may be of interest to anyone curious about stuff like what it’s like to be an expat writing SF, my personal thoughts on Korean SF and the Korean SF scene, and so on.

The first interview was conducted and translated by my friend Hong Insu, a translator (he did part of The Hard SF Renaissance) and prominent Korean SF fan, now missed by many (as he is in grad school in Arizona). The interview appears in a “mook” — apparently this is some kind of neologism of Japanese origin for something between a magazine and a book, ie. magazinebook — titled Miraekyung (“Futuroscope”), published (as I understand it) by the Seoul SF & Fantasy Library.

The English-language version hasn’t been published anywhere, so here it is, in PDF format — all 16 pages of it. If you want to read it in Korean, you’ll need to track down the new 미래경, which is issue #2… ahem, here’s a hint.

The second interview is by Ko Jangwon, an SF critic (and author of several books on SF). He’s posted the interview on his blog in both Korean translation (at the top) was well as in English (scroll down halfway). It’s pretty long too, so you might want to pace yourself with these things. (Similar ground is covered on a few points, but they’re different enough that I’m linking them both at once.)

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