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The Music of Jo Hyeja: Accepted, World Premiere Upcoming!

So, I announced this news on Twitter and Facebook a little over a week ago, but didn’t get around to announcing it here. Our short film “The Music of Jo Hyeja” has been accepted for the Los Angeles HP Lovecraft Film Festival. It will be the film’s World Premiere, and as a Lovecraftian movie, it’s hard for me to imagine a better festival for it to premiere at!

The website for tickets is here. I won’t be able to go, though Miss Jiwaku will be in attendance. The lineup looks interesting, as you can see from all the links from the page I’ve linked just above.

We’re waiting to hear back from a few more places, and also planning to submit the film to more festivals in the coming weeks. But for The Music of Jo Hyeja, the clock starts ticking at the end of September 2012, in L.A.

This is particularly exciting for Miss Jiwaku (it is her directorial debut) and for me (as it was my first screenplay), but the cinematographer (the very talented Minchul Sung) is also very excited. For those who haven’t seen it, the official page for the film is here, and our trailer is available there…

In the meantime, we have a new project lined up… I’m working on a script at the moment. All I can say is that it’s an adaptation (not an original story) and that it’s bombastic, funny SF with a few interesting hard edges running along the spine of the thing. Very cool story, and I’m glad we’ve gotten (tentative) permission to adapt it to film. But I’m learning a lot about the process of adaptation along the way. Though I’m being quite faithful to the spirit of the story, telling it the way we’re planning to do so requires some serious changes… which I think I’ve nailed, but I suppose we’ll see what the author thinks…

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