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“Prodigal” in Allan Kaster’s Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction!

Allan Kaster YBSF Cover Art I know some people must be wondering if I’m writing anything new these days, since all I have announced lately is reprints of my story “Prodigal,” but this reprint is interesting and cool—and, I think, the last one for a while.

“Prodigal” has recently been reprinted in The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 9 edited by Allan Kaster, published by AudioText. There’s a range of formats, but the audiobook version was read by Tom Dheere, Nancy Linari and Henrietta Meire.

The book contains stories Nina Allan, Karl Bunker, Matthew Claxton, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Samantha Henderson, Paul McAuley, Cat Rambo, Robert Reed, Lavie Tidhar, and me. It’s very flattering to have my work appear alongside so many great, creative writers whom I admire.

A story I’m going to highlight here that excited me when I read it, and meant a lot to me, was Matthew Claxton‘s “Patience Lake,” which was in Asimov’s SF last summer, and is about a former military cyborg coping with life in a future Saskatchewan that felt so utterly real to me I read it twice in a row on the plane home from WorldCon last year. It was great, heartbreaking, brutal, sad, and beautiful. It felt a lot like Saskatchewan at its best, and Saskatchewan at its worst, to me. I found it wonderful to see a fellow Canadian SF writer do something I’ve been trying to do myself for many years—portraying an imagined future of the place where I come from so very vividly and powerfully.

One thing I mentioned above that’s interesting about this collection is that it’s available in a variety of formats, with the audiobook being the main version (as I understand it). Here’s a list:

Need I say more?

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