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What I’ve Learned Shooting The Music of Jo Hyeja, Day 2

This entry is part 4 of 15 in the series Making "The Music of Jo Hyeja"

Things I learned on day two of our shoot:

That’s all I have time for. Time to go shower and prep for today’s shoot!

Wrapping up shooting feels good no matter how bloody tired you are by the end of it. We sent our star home in a cab at close to 4am, and as we trudged back the way we’d come, loaded down with gear, bellies grumbling, shivering from the cold, and ready to drop. I got the most sleep last night of anyone — I didn’t have to stay up and back up files and run through everything checking whether reshooting would be necessary — but I’m a wreck. Then again, I’m the oldest person involved in the film.
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