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This entry is part 12 of 15 in the series Making "The Music of Jo Hyeja"

I have gotten so much done in the last couple of weeks that it simply isn’t funny:

But there’s a lot left to do too, especially grading. owever, I’m tempted to take tommorrow off just for housecleaning and reading a novel, some novel, any novel, along with one nonfiction book on Pound; I never get enough reading done during semesters, and I’m eager to read something shortish, maybe another of the Jack Womack’s Dryco books.

I’m hoping to have some time tomorrow to say more, but I have one more thing to do before tottering off home from my office. A 10pm coffee is, I believe, probably a bad idea… but I have spare energy for now, and will do a little drafting while I can…

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