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What I’ve Learned Shooting The Music of Jo Hyeja, Day 4

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Well, there technically wasn’t a “Day 4” as this was a three-day shoot, but we worked about fifteen hours on our last day, actually finishing at close to 4:00am on Tuesday morning. I think it’s pretty easy to imagine why I didn’t have a lot of insights to post (or energy to post them) at the end of shooting last night.

But thinking over yesterday, there are a few insights I have:

I think that’s it for now. I’m not sure when Miss Jiwaku will begin the editing process, but I expect it to take the next couple of weeks. Once we have an edit of the main film, we’ll have to do some audio recording (foley, some voice synching, and most importantly, we need to find a haegum player we can hire to record a few pieces of music for us). Prior to that, I need to compose some music for the haegum player, as well, and find or make some music for other parts of the film. I think I can probably put something together, if I have a little time and access to a little musical gear. (An electronic keyboard, mainly, though I may bust out my flute, maybe a saxophone, and my old vocal effects processor unit, and mess with some musique concrète techniques — I like the chunkiness of that kind of sound better than the cheesiness of synthesized music soundtracks, and we can get some really interesting, creepy sounding music that way.)

Meanwhile, Miss Jiwaku will have to make the opening and closing credits, and I’m not sure what images we’ll be using for the background of those shots. It was supposed to be footage of Yeokgok, but I don’t think they had time to get any before going into Seoul and dropping off the equipment. I guess we’ll see.

But the hardest part, I think, is done. And I’m pretty impressed with how much we managed to get done in just three days.

I’ll make sure to update with news on this project as it continues…

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