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Dissolving Classroom by Junji Ito

This entry is part 56 of 56 in the series 2022 Reads

As with other posts in this series, these #booksread2022 posts get published with some lag. I’m trying to be more punctual, though, and this one’s very recent.

One last Junji Ito comic for the year. Dissolving Classroom was… okay? It didn’t really impress me, though, as it felt even more episodic—and though there was an effort to bring things back in the end, it felt half-hearted and unconvincing to me. This one was on felt like I just didn’t really get. Maybe too much of the same guy’s work all at once, I don’t know. Or maybe, having started with the more monumental works, lesser stuff just naturally impresses less by comparison? I don’t know, but this wasn’t for me.  

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