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Coming Soon: Gwacheon International SF Film Festival!

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So I should have posted about this before, but there’s an SF Film Festival on soon. It’s starting in a few days (28 October) and runs until 7 November, down at the National Science Museum in Gwacheon, South Korea.

There’s a twitter account that’s announcing events and so on, but unless you read Korean, it won’t mean much to you. Much better to head over to the website. It’s a chance to see all kinds of SF films on the big screen, from 2001: A Space Odyssey (and the sequel) to an all-night Back to the Future trilogy marathon this weekend. There’s also a fair amount of non-Anglo SF playing–some anime, for sure, but also Russian SF films!

(Confession: I’ve seen Stalker, which is mentioned on the Russian film page linked above… well, I’ve seen it, if watching till I couldn’t watch anymore and then falling asleep counts. But even so, I’m curious how it looks on the big screen.)

In any case, for the SF fans out there, this is something worth going to: it’d be nice to see a big turnout, and indeed to have it succeed such that it will happen again (and again). And one more thing: as always, the inimitable and tireless Park Sang Joon is involved.

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