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미래경 (Futuroscope) #3 Has Arrived

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It’s been one of those weeks, seriously it has — and today, during my office hours, I was flooded with visitors (which is to be expected, as it’s Teacher’s Day today). In any case, one of the visitors came by to drop off a package that had been accidentally delivered to the wrong office. In it was my contributor’s copy of the Korean “mook” (magazine-book) fanzine 미래경 (Futuroscope) #3 (Spring 2012), which contains my article “Outside Looking In” (translated to Korean by Insu Hong).

(For those interested, I’ll see if I can post a copy of the piece in English sometime soon, since it won’t be appearing in English anywhere anyway.)

It looks like an interesting issue, featuring an interview with Ted Chiang and a piece on Charlie Stross, what looks like some original fiction, and more. I wish I could sit down and read it all! And by the way, check out the cover: yes, that is Alice from Alice in Wonderland, accompanied by R2D2, with a neat reflection trick separating the urban from the pastoral…



I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at how this fanzine, put out the by Seoul SF&F Library, 기적의책 (Miracle Books) and 도서출판 사십이 (42 Press) (a small press), has helped fill the void in the print  left behind by the apparent demise of Fantastique a while back. I’m sure there’s much more going on online to which I’m not privy, but I think that having a print publication — even just one — is a good thing for an SF scene.

I’ll have more good news involving Miracle Books soon, but for now, I need to get going!

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